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Official Frankfort Thread 2022

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Scratched my silver fish itch today at the Grand.
I can't wait to be beating the hell out of KANGS!
Can't come any sooner!
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super deadly cut bait there. get a hold of John kings whole cut bait heads for those. snip off head, trim belly to fit to head size. use treble in side near tail to get slight bend not much for that death kick and roll.
everyone I've talked to said small bait this year. good to see big bait up that way
late July very near. give me a north east 2-3 days, mid week under the radar, high gas prices and no tournament pier head blast off ill be content for entire season. one mid 20's ill be happy. those flip mornings the fish milling along pier head and pier arm get spooked and seems common courtesy is lacking my fish guy big boat guy u ruin it for us take it easy and wide Berth u literally have worlds largest lake to go fish get the hell out of here
good to see you guys getting kings. how far out is temp right now? anyone drop probe in that 40-50 fow not so much at pier head
Should be interesting August good to hear bait pushing north . Buddy south was out on beach and catching alewives bare hands all magnum spoon size said they were all over the place
Need the colder water to set up and stay for 48 hour so fish can relocate. This when you start looking at your 7 color and high divers
good to see fish on our side still. cold water blast coming hopefully weekend guys adapt
Yup live it up dude. High cores out , 2 slide divers long leads, and maybe a rigger deep to keep them honest
good luck this weekend. high lines and fish skinny in the low light
Feeding break should be around that 70 foot zone. Mother load is coming
Big Jon’s are nice. No protruding brackets, handles, metal etc for grabbing nets, line, clothes getting gouged cuts etc. yeah u can’t swivel up in air to get dipsy out just loosen drag enough to keep some tension so kid or your girlfriend can get the rod out
Read up on John kings website. Much to learn on there
If fishing way out temps probably same maybe up slightly. If fishing pier head 3-5 color lead cores or inside shelf 10-7 colors about right till onshore wind pushes temp back down
been more of a morning bite looking at yesterdays reports around the lake
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any info on Frankfort redoing the piers? seems northwest ports manistee and Frankfort are seeing 2 year projects on them
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Didn’t cast last night probably good thing heard rumor a boat crashed into the Elberta pier head last night or ran over it? Anyone see or hear anything about this ?
tournament fishing needs to be during week. so flip this weekend and every swinging my is bigger than yours will sit on top of the pier heads than blow out the harbor and pier fish just in time for first light bite.
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Water too warm this morning and big tournament tomorrow over 100 boats will be sitting outside pier heads with likes of big boat going to hammer down at 6am first light bite
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South wind doesn’t bury temp as fast as a west does
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