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Official Frankfort Thread 2022

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Scratched my silver fish itch today at the Grand.
I can't wait to be beating the hell out of KANGS!
Can't come any sooner!
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Out in the deep water now 0-3 lost a teener king at the net, I’m sooooo excited for this tournament 😵‍💫
Ended 5 for 7, picked up another little king, nothing huge but at least I got 5 for the weigh in 😂
Getting your number of fish on day 1 is huge. Theres no shame in bringing in a big box of lakers if kings get thin. Good luck tomorrow
Seems like quite a few ciscos being caught I thought they were only planted in GTB?
As far as I know the only place cisco are stocked is in little traverse bay. The ciscos have slowly been spreading south. A few have been caught in manistee this year.
Ive seen them popping up as far south as Ludington and Pentwater on Facebook.
I am running Custom fishing Solution Rod Holder‘s they are awesome they are exactly the same as a canon except they made them better they fixed all the problems that Cannon had they are out of Canada they are not in the US yet they will be soon. They offer engraving whatever you want on them I had Dipsy charts and other charts put on mine. View attachment 844466
View attachment 844467

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Are those the ones Mark Chamura designed?
Have one shot making it over and it’s not till sometime next week. I’ll switch from boat to river if needed.

I figured as much. What is this bkd era you speak of.
Bacterial kidney disease in the late 1980's that caused extremely high mortality rates in Kings. Theres some intresting studies out there about it and how Great Lakes kings are less suceptible to it than Green River kings in Washington which was the stock ours originated from.

"Prevalence rates of R. salmoninarum were up to 100% in some parts of the Lake Michigan drainage around 1986. This outbreak of BKD caused heavy mortality in Chinook salmon in 1988 and persisted in the population until 1992. That year, boat fisheries observed at least a 40% decline in Chinook salmon catch per unit effort levels. By 1993, catch per unit effort was 15% of the peak observed in 1986."
Just got off the water from the bay as well
Only got to fish for about 35 mins before coast guard kicked me off the water bc u need a life jacket to go kayaking apparently :(
But plenty of fish jumpin
Had one Jumo like 2 feet from me
I thought that was only for boats under 16' and children 🤔
Didn’t cast last night probably good thing heard rumor a boat crashed into the Elberta pier head last night or ran over it? Anyone see or hear anything about this ?
Not surpised with how dimly lit alot of these piers are and the rush some of these folks are in.
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Here’s what I’d do. The big boats, trucks, attitudes, etc don’t think they have to move. Ok big boy…watch this. My cordless drill would be ready to spin that copper in. All hands on deck to get everything else in. All the while, I’m staying the course but imperceptibly slowing down. He’s a meathead, hill-womp so you know he’s going to pass you as close as possible and probably say something about your mother because it’s “your fault.” Everybody smiles and waves as he passes. Then, as close as possible to the back of his boat that should be named, “compensating,” I heave my 1# ball that is tied to 50# Fireline; wait till the lead hits the sand; then start reeling and yanking like it’s 1968 and I’m below Tippy.
Forget the #1 ball Id use this baby on one of my surfcasting rods with 80lb braid.

Brown Drinkware Cup Tin Tableware
Never been spooled but the ones that came close were always those really long athletic looking kings.
Anyone free tn? I could use some riders
Wish I saw this earlier.
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Got a massive gripe against a Charter Capt up there this morning. My two oldest boys and some friends booked a trip months ago for this morning. Both work construction and could have worked yesterday and today making OT. Instead they hauled north three hrs yesterday with there travel trailers to camp overnight.

Charter called it off today. The reason? His “spot” is a twelve mile run and he didn’t want to get caught in any storms coming in. 1/2 day charter.

Sorry, but WTF? End of August and he won’t fish other than to run to the Manitou Islands? If he doesn’t want to deal with Frenzy traffic, then he should have been up front at the time of booking and told them if conditions weren’t ideal he was going to cancel. They would have booked with someone willing to take them out short of small craft advisories.

What kind of Charter that fishes out of Frankfort has only one spot? I ran a boat out of there for years, spent thousands of hrs on the water actually, and know that to be successful you have to adapt, especially in August when the flips start happening.

To add insult to injury, my sons grabbed their rods and hit the North break wall last night and watched a couple fish landed in the 1/2 hr they were out there, but they came in to sleep in anticipation for their charter this morning. If the guy would have canceled last night at least they could have fished all night.

Pretty sure the guy knew yesterday he wasn’t going to honor his booked trip for today.
If its any condolance it sounds like his spot was 6 mile hole and he was going to get them a few lakers.
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The tournament went well. There was a 34# fish taken out of East Platte Bay on Sunday. I personally think the date needs to be moved back 2-3 weeks if not more. The amount of full boxes hasn’t been that high the last couple years. A lot of fish have moved into the river system. The Founders cup winner for the season was a Dad with his son and daughter. They only fish the 3 of them on a 25’ center console. They did all but 2 of the tournaments. Pretty awesome story. That’s who I want to see win (besides our team of course)!
No small craft advisory and plenty of small boats out on Sunday. The charter has every right not to fish, but they should be honest about the reasons. The customer also has every right to give a online review as well. Good, honest communication can almost always keep things pointed in the right direction.
Its awesome Lakavea won it and not a big pro boat.
Fat Ho! 180 FOW. RV raspberry carbon. Mag diver on 3 back 200. View attachment 851657

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Thats a king.
Just don't schedule it during Salmon season, one of FF busiest times of the year.
Right with the Art fair, Frenzie, and peak fishing being in August youd think theyd want to get people up there in like June. Also space it out and give the restraunts a breather.
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Seen reports of kings in the 20 pound range immatures but south . That’s nuts guaranteed 30’s for next season
Until the Indians net them all haha
Dont buy a Michigan liscense...go across the lake to Wisconsin...profit?
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Better to back up, lick our wounds, get a real f’n plan with some teeth & some real way to enact & enforce it, then these last minute hail Mary’s that have NaO chance to do anything!
The MDNR needs a firehosed sized enema from the top down to start with.
We need to clean house in the department starting at the top. We had a chance to get that going in November and failed. The department is not looking out for us. They are catering more and more to "nonconsumptive" users. People who wander around geocaching are way easier to please than those who want a productive, sustainable and usable resource.
Mucc is one of our only voices. It's so important for everyone who enjoys the outdoors in a consumptive way to be a member. I have been a member since I was young. I haven't always agreed with their actions or lack of, and even accused them of being in bed with the DNR, but they are our best chance to be heard. Most of the people I know who hunt, trap and fish are not members of mucc or any sportsman's group but they still piss and moan.
The current head of the DNR came from MUCC so is he naive, imcompetent, or what? Does he have any clue about the negotiations and who was responsible for appointing the MDNR negotiators? I have a feeling I know who is most to blame but we will wait and see. We also need to FOIA this when its all done.
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