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Off shore boards, gas can, dry box fillet knife

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Glasses Hood Automotive lighting Luggage and bags Bag
Rectangle Wood Art Font Material property
Wood Luggage and bags Gas Bag Rectangle
Wood Bumper Tool Tints and shades Blade
Finishing up the garage clean out lol.
Planner boards 45.00
Gas can with Aprox 6ft of gas line used with 4 stroke motor. 25.00
Plano dry box 5.00
Forschner fillet knife 15.00
Call or text josh with any questions 9895731400 located in frankenmuth near Saginaw.
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Sale pending on the planner boards
Whats the gallons on gas can?
Planner boards and gas can have been sold
All has been sold at this time
nothing left???? still have the knife???
Yes sorry the knife is still available
I am just planning to get AULLY PARK Gas Can soon. I really like how it is constructed that secures the can for transporting and lockable so someone cant snatch it out of the back of a pickup. Just found some good reviews on Productadvisor.com . I went fot this brand cause I need someting that would not cost me an arm and a leg in the process.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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