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Good points. Remember, during a trout's lifecycle it feeds 90% of the time under the surface and the other 10% on the surface. Sure it is great to see a fish come up and eat a dry but if you want to catch fish on a consistent basis, anywhere in the world you need to learn to fish nymphs.

Put away the dry and run a double (or triple where allowed) nymph rig. Fish dries when the fish are obviously eating on the surface. A good general rule is you want your end fly 1 1/2 times the depth from your bobber. This, of course, depends on current speed, weight, varying depths, etc.. You want those flies to tick the bottom (as stated above). Remember, the current speed at the surface is far greater than it is underneath.

Mend, mend and more mends.

The best way to cast it is with a roll cast or some type of a glorified roll cast (like some of your spey movements).

Change your flies readily. Great nymphs are pheasant tails, hare's ears, copper John's, hetero-genius nymphs, tellico's, sili skin caddis, Polish nymphs, Czech nymphs, Edward's Hydrosychidae larvae, eggi juan kenobi, San Juan worms, prince nymphs, fuzz busters, and don't forget scuds (scuds are everywhere, all year because they don't hatch and fly away).

Good luck and hold on to your rod. Next will be streamers.
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