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Nymph Fishing

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This spring I decided I was going to really concentrate on trout fishing this summer. Well I haven't had the time I'd like but I have managed my biggest brown and rainbow. I also got my first trout on a dry fly. Up until this point I've been throwing elk hair caddis and just some other general drys along with a handful of streamers. So now I want to do some nymph fishing. I've tried with some pheasant tail nymphs and etc. but I just cant seem to get the hang of casting them with a strike indicator on them and etc. I've heard of using dry's for indicators so how do I rig a setup like that. Also how can I tell if my nymph is deep enough. Some of the holes I wanna fish them in I cannot see the bottom to judge depth. Also if anyone has any other tips or any general nymphs I should be tying up for when I head back up to school in the U.P my ears are open.
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A very general rule is to set your dropper 1-1/2 times the depth of water you plan on nymphing. Water speed will vary that distance... shorter for slower water, longer for faster.
If you're not hanging up on the bottom every so often you probably aren't deep enough.
You can tie the dropper to the hook bend or eye of your large, bushy dry fly.
Nymping and tossing junk is no time for tight loops and quick stops in your casting. Think 'casting in ovals', Belgian cast... low on the back cast and more overhead on the forward cast all the time concentrating on not shocking the rig with a crisp stop.
One more hint... generally if your indicator is moving upstream something bit! ;)
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