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NW two man.

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Went out at 8 this morning with a stiff NE wind blowing, hoping to find the fish my buddy told me about on Friday when he got 24 in two hours in 4fow. Yep that's what I said..4fow? Started shallow but we didn't find them until we got out to nice stained water in 5-6fow. When we got on them we went from 5 fish to 16 in two passes. Crawlers,1.5sog with a 1/2oz snap sinker 8 feet out from the board did the damage. Oh we also got 5 decent sized pike. A blast fishing that shallow for them. Pic of my 8.
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That's awesome! Any size to the pike? I'd have kept them instead of the glass eyed carp! :LOL:
I told cuz " there's a guy on MS that would rather eat them then the walleye, he calls them glass eyes carp" but couldn't get him to put one in the live well. I did hear him say monster snot rockets though. Two of them were probably six pounds or so Ralph.
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Good job Gary and crew! So many overlook the shallow slamfest during soft and hard water every yr. Gotta go the farthest/deepest mentality gets me everytime!
Thanks Brian, I look forward to the shallow bite up here every year since I have moved up this way.
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