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Discussion was held on the 2003 NRC Goals and the development of Goals
for 2004.

#1. Develop a Comprehensive Land Use Strategy for all DNR Land Holdings: This will be kept as a 2004 goal but with the addition that the plan be implemented in 2004.

#2. Develop Plans to Minimize the Impacts of Budget Constraints on Existing DNR Programs

Investments, Self-Sufficiency, Budget and Fee Setting Authority are all ongoing issues that have and will be addressed.

Payments-In-Lieu-Of-Taxes (PILT): Should be addressed as a single objective/goal.

#3. Formulate a Strategic Plan to Better Communicate and Interact with the Governor's Office, Legislature and Constituents

Move this to the NRC Policy Committee on Technology, Information, Marketing and Education to develop this goal. Commissioner Wheatlake emphasized the need to communicate and tout DNR programs and embellish past programs. The is a need to achieve growth and develop a good feeling about how the DNR is run and assure that achievements are broadly known in order to build trust.

#4. Develop a Public Relations Plan to Enhance the DNR Image and Better Educate the Public and Constituents of DNR Programs and Assets

Keep as a goal.

#5. Assist Other Stakeholders in Developing a Plan to Prevent the Occurrence of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) in Michigan

Remove this goal as the authority lies with the Michigan Department of Agriculture.


The NRC discussed goal-setting for 2004. The following will be considered when the process is discussed further:

" Select a new DNR Director
" Restricted funds - This goal will be discussed and developed at the February 23 meeting of the NRC Policy Committee on Finance and Administration

Commissioner Madigan discussed the need to continue to focus on wildlife habitat issues throughout the state. It was determined that this should be a goal of the NRC Habitat Workgroup chaired by Commissioner Madigan.
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