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Only a proposal for now. Looks like a great idea!!

Time to get people supporting it NOW! (You know there'll be plenty of NIMBY's)

Goal is to develop a vision for a Greenway along the North Branch of the Clinton River.

Some of the benefits
•Enhance and promote the fishery in the North Branch of the Clinton River
•Work closely with the communities along the North Branch to discuss potential for increased recreation including possible trails, fishing access points and kayak/canoe launches.

The upper portions used to be stocked by the DNR Fisheries Division but was stopped due to lack of public fishing access. This data also indicates that the North Branch has the potential of being a high-quality fishery in southeast Michigan.

The North Branch headwaters are unique in that they support populations of native Brook Trout, Steelhead and other coldwater species. Coldwater habitats are rare in southern Michigan and the North Branch provides opportunities for conservation of these important ecosystems.

May 2020
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