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Nordic legend hub

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Was looking at getting a new hub shelter and was wondering if anybody has one of these, the thermal one.
Thanks Jason
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Where you seein' these?

They probably come out of the same pole barn a red or blue one does... :lol:
On amazon. They are around the same price as the others and have good reviews. I have a $125 amazon gift card burning a hole in my phone. All the others I’ve been looking at are sold out. Wish I could use the gift card at the fishing show this weekend.
That seems like a no brainer if you have $125 towards it.

KillZone is long gone, and I've sewn my Igloo XL with power pro - so none of them are supported for very long because they are imported and built NOT to last....
I think if you do a quick forum search you can find a bunch of folks talking about these things last year when Menard's was selling them at a good price (think they had an auger / shelter combo, maybe they still do.)
Thanks. I already moved on and bought a larger clam hum. I figured if somebody had one and loved it they would of posted.
Hub not hum. Although a clam hum might not be that bad.
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Or even a Clamwich.... :evilsmile

They were indeed sold as a combo as Rich stated and the auger & tent were the same exact units as a less expensive Eskimo branded equivalent IIRC . So it was a good deal last year - - IDK what they're going for now.
Hub not hum. Although a clam hum might not be that bad.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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