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Non traditional trolling lures for Salmon.

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Ok guys, if it hasnt been made clear that im bored being off the water yet, it certainly will be by April!

How many of you have a non traditional lure that you use with good success on the salmon? Found a bass/pike/walleye/musky/etc bait that they like to tear up? Have an unusual way of rigging a particular lure? Have a secret home made lure? Strangest lure you ever caught a salmon on?

As I said in the Rapala/Stickbait thread, I think im going to give the baby shallow raider a shot this spring and see what happens. Ive got a good feeling about it...
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Nobody ever tries anything different?

Or, have you guys found a magic lure you dont want to talk about?
Surface squirts huh?

This brings up another question ive been meaning to ask that could be somewhat related.

Have any of you guys ever tried running daisy chains, spreader rigs, or umbrella rigs for salmon? It seems to be a popular saltwater trolling technique, but I have never seen or heard of anyone doing it for salmon.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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