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nominate him for a special award.

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I’m in my truck today watching everyone fishing at metro when I see something way out and I mean WAY out it’s just this little dark dot on the horizon. So I get my binoculars and look at it’s an ice shanty hooked up to a quad. And this guy is driving straight out. I see him get off and can barely see him because he’s miles out. But I can make this guy running out on foot and then running back getting on the quad and going even further out!!!! For all I know he was working his way to the shipping channel. In all the years of working on the lake I have NEVER seen anyone that far out I want to nominate him for a special award.
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Thus the inauguration of the first MS.com Darwin Award for reckless and just plain stupid behavior while engaged in the pursuit of fish or game.

May the inductee into our hallowed Hall of Shame lower his head in both shame and the fear that someone actually recognizes him.:rolleyes:
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