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No spark

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40 hp evinrude has no spark. Checked kill switch and wires to make sure not shorted out. Checked key. Replaced coil. Replaced Plugs, Checked rayo (no points). Still no darn spark.

Ordered a power pack. Any other suggestions. Thanks. :mad: Motor is a 1992.
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did you check the ground for the ignition system. Bad ground or no ground causes no spark situation.
Check to make sure you have the battery hooked up correctly. If you switch the +/- it will crank but won't spark. Just a thought.
Thanks will check both in the a.m. Appreciate the help.
After alot of testing and talking to maint. guys we first tried the coil. No luck. Hated spending more $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ on parts that may or not be the problem. So called local evinrude dealer. He ran us thru what we already did and he said 100% sure its the power pack. So more $$$$ invested and guess what. It was the power pack. I could hug that darn thing. It was a real pain tracing this problem.

He said they always start with the power pack when testing fails to show a short. Good luck on your repairs.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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