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No joke

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My 85 yr old father in law Has a farm in eastern mason county. In the middle of the morning today 3 guys came to the house and wanted to shoot at the deer in his pasture. He told them there werent any deer in the field, they assured him there were two dozen deer eating with two horses. We have two burros and 25 sheep. When he told the guys he didnt want any of those deer shot they complained how farmers talk about crop damage but wont let people hunt. He kept a straight face through all this and they left none the wiser. Sometimes I wonder if there should be some kind of test so we dont have armed idiots running around.
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People never cease to amaze me! A few years ago on the opener, we were all done with our hunt and back at the house shooting the bull when the first time hunter in the cabin next to us stops by to show off his very first deer. When he opened up the tailgate I almost filled my pants. "Pretty nice spikehorn, huh." he says. My sister's boyfriend with straight face informed him that he had better go to the other neighbor's house and see how much he was going to charge him for the goat he had shot!

Just the kinda clowns I like to have wandering the woods with high power rifles.

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HOLY MOLY I almost broke a rib. That is 2 of the funniest things Ive ever read.!!!!!!!
I will say this much for them...they at least asked for permission!?!

I dont know about that story...but I guess there are some real dumb people out there!;)
Maybe one of those "Urban Legends" but I heard a story near Esky years ago about the two guys from Detroit that not only shot, but gutted and tied to the hood someone's ST. Bernard thinking it was a bear:eek:
I understand your skeptisism NEM, I would have never beleived it if I weren't there first hand to witness it.

and you are worried about my 12 yearold daughter
in the woods with a rifle:eek: :eek: :eek:
I heard a story about a guy in the u.p. comming into a dnr check station real excited about shooting his first buck. When the dnr when the officer went out to check the animal he informed the man it was an elk and he gave him a ticket.
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