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Between the new NJ bear season, animal activist, youth bear season, bear/human conflicts, and bear violations, it is good to say that Michigan can go through a bear season with few problems.

Activists may be charged in bear-hunt incident

TRENTON -- New Jersey wildlife officials said charges may be filed against activists who are attempting to rehabilitate a female bear wounded in this month's bear hunt.The anti-hunt activists need a license to handle a bear, said Amy Cradic, spokeswoman for the state Department of Environmental Protection.She said "enforcement action will be taken" if officials determine that the group is feeding or handling the bear.


Police Kill Bear at a Rural New Jersey Home

Ten days after the end of New Jersey's bear hunt, which was intended to reduce potentially dangerous encounters between people and bears in the northwestern corner of the state, police officers on Tuesday killed a black bear that tried to build its den under the deck of a house in rural Morris County.


Man charged with illegally claiming bear hit by vehicle

Meyer admitted to dragging the dead bear off Route 23 road and onto a snowbank. He then got his hunting permit and illegally took possession of the bear.

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