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Night Fishing on the Sag. river

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Has anyone every did any good after dark on the river?Thought about trying it.
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Do a serch. This question was just asked not too long ago. But I think the newest one was more towards midnight/early morning fishing the river. You should get a few threads to check out.
The only place Ive cought fish after dark is on the the old turning baisns.therse one at the north end of ojibway isand+north of hooters on the west side of the river.I gave up on trying after dark. found better places too fish walleyes after dark out on the bay.Tawas is the best place too fish for eyes after dark, 20-25ft.out by the point.Rapps#9s 11s 2ft. off of the bottem. No need for minnows. Hope this helps. M.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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