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Nice size Perch - pic !

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Here is a shot of some lucky anglers, who only caught a few keepers, but it IS enough for a FEW good meals !!!:)

Pretty good photo work !
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...and here we thought that other picture was a peacock bass.
Maybe you can get get the taxidermy man to build you some replica mounts.
LOL !! and here I thought I had a good catch!!
We throw little one like that back around here:D :p

I caught one once that was so big the picture weighed four pounds!!!;)
Hey that's what we use for bait :eek: ........marty:D
huh...can't wait to see the jumbo's from that area.
I personally don't like them that big . The little 2 footers eat better . lol
Great catch! What size auger did you use? :D
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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