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nice and cold

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Nice and cold out tonight boys. The canines have been undercover the last couple of days with the rain. It's nice and cold tonight I bet there are some pictures posted tomorrow.;) I put 6 new sets on 3 different farms today. It'll probably take a week for them to cool down though.. I like it better when I don't think I'll have a catch and wind up with a nice surprise. I'll be glad when the river goes down some so I can find / check my water sets. I couldn't find my beaver tangle pole I set in the water. Don't know if the current pushed it down or a beaver tangled in it and pulled it down.
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i was thinking the same thing FB. steady cold,fullmoon after a rainy crappy day. they should be moving tonight. freshened up my canine sets today and put out a couple more **** sets. hopefully in the am the traps will be full.
well if you ever see a blue dodge with a bumper sticker with that saying in the back window that would be me.:)
oh come on now. no need to make fun of us locals.:lol:
frostbite said:
That area has alot od critters in and around it.
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