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New Triple 7 MAGNUM pellets

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Just reading about these new ML 50 cal pellets. Using 2 pellets will give 2,000fps with a 250gr bullet. Reading further, the new load will give more ME than a 30-06 with a 200gr bullet. Hope to try some out when they become available.
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no sulphur, and cleans up with just water. The only down side is, I only have a .45 Optima at present [sure they will bring the .45 pells out too] but, another reason to go buy another gun!:lol: .
On a good note, I did read the DNR is going to throw more antlerless tags out this year..........obviously looking to make some quick cash there....Ill buy a couple if they have them in our areas. Then I can use this old technology stuff again this year.
That the NEW 777 pellets [labeled MAGNUM] is a new formulation. Thus giving an increase in velocity with the use of 2 pellets.
I dont use the 3 pellet load, Ive used just 2 which work fine. This allows an increase in velocity with just 2 pellet loading. The artical didnt say anything about what or if 3 pellets could be used in the "magnum" type guns.
deputy said:
lol yah.......... thats why we have been running 4-5 of them for years now... and killed a lot with it. same for pyrodex.
But if one needs cannon preformance...there ya have it.
RZ-the simple truth to pellets is they load faster and dont require the extras of powder dispensing/loading. Its a faster way to load and guys like it. Also, a pound of powder costs 20 bucks? I doubt many of these guys shoot M/L as much as you do. Typically, Id bet it comes out just before season, sight in and maybe takes 3-5 times out hunting.
I know your hellbent on smokeless....thats all well and good, but time is everything, and I know my personal expirience is I want to load it quick and be done with it. My last box of pellets? I believe was 21.00 not much of an expense.
Indeed powder is improved and one only needs look at the powders used in the light magnums of today. These powders arent available to the general public. The new pellets only needing 2 is going to cause all these problems you list? I highly doubt it.
Why do I need a SMOKELESS M/L? I dont, traditional guns kill just fine. The Ultimates are great guns too. Having shot them, I like them, but havent a use for them. And, thanks to Don Rust from Ultimate for letting me shoot the gun at Williams a few different times.
Time is of a premium these days, and its all about speed and keeping things simple. If they say smokeless is fine, why bother with M/L at all.......might as well use the 30-06 again.
Gee, and all I have is that Optima 45.........It kills deer just fine.
Im with you, I dont care what you shoot, recoil is part of shooting. Cleaning a gun? Ill clean it with or without smokeless. So the two points really are not valid reasons for smokeless usage.
But, I highly doubt when these M/L seasons were devised they were thinking of all these "advancements".
I wasnt really talking of me and loading my M/L as much as the average Joe that wants the loading process as quick and simple as can be.
I dont really care about storing powder be it BP or smokeless. I use it up and dont leave it on the shelf. Shelf life isnt important, I believe in using fresh each season.
Really, your last two sentances sums it up why we really dont NEED smokeless. We wont get into the roundball fray again. I know your not a traditional type M/L shooter.
I dont have a problem with powder selection or the guns, it just amazes me how far we have come from what WAS recognized as BP guns, to basically using modern rifles. The only thing missing is the brass casing.
brother I never had [Kidding]. Really, I do agree with RZ more often than not. Most of our discussions revolve around the smaller faster bullets/ cartridges I like, and Rz`s like of the heavier slower bullets and cartridges he likes. In the grand scheme of things we probably wont change each others mind on that, but I do read and listen to others opinions.
And, to show good faith....RZ if you have some extra Berger 20 cal light gr bullets, I might be willing to swap you some of them for some of the Berger 20 cal 50 gr I have for testing.
Ill have a table up at Birch Run at the next show in Aug with a few friends there. And Quak.....please remit said comedy check to........
RZ I too had a friend that had similar troubles to what youve stated. Its just not worth the trouble to risk a miss-fire. However, in this example, said friend is a cheapskate!
Having stored the pellets in his BASEMENT after deer season until the next season and cant understand why he had this problem. Thats why each year Ill buy fresh. Really, its no more expensive than a box of premium centerfires! in my mind, its cheap insurance.
I was reading a BP mag last night and of all things the guy was shooting prairie dogs with his BP gun........Good long range practice I suppose?:lol: Quak, youre going out there soon right? lets hear some follow up on you and some PDs with your BP guns!
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