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New to this site w/questions

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I have not fished Lake St. Clair in years, as the Saginaw river has consumed much of my time. Could someone please let me know where the SANG, Geno's, Crocker, and Hall rd. are at? Also, is there a baitshop near?

BTW, I'm not looking for anyones "honeyholes", just a general area. Basically, I'm thinking of trying some new"scenery" as the river has been pretty boring.

We did catch ~40 jumbos, and 50 eyes (all less then 10") between 2 of us on the river a couple of weeks ago, but even that action has sort of dried up. So looking on to try something new. Any help would be appreciated! Thx
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Zakker Welcome to the site. Just look back thru the last week or so of posts and you will find answers to most of your questions and a lot more. People here are very helpfull
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