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New to allegan county

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I just recently moved from kentwood to otsego. Im a novice hunter and Ive never hunted around this area (typically id go north towards baldwin area). I was wondering if anybody had any information about the areas around here in allegan county. I deer hunt but im also very interested in turkey hunting for the first time and was thinking about going out to the public land just west of Allegan this spring to test the waters? Also who would you recommend for a taxidermist around the area?
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I used to do pretty good hunting in this area:
Head straight south down into the swamp. I did pretty good down there years ago- not many would venture that far down.

I also did pretty good right here- near opening deer would get pressure down, hit this point and cross the river. It was a good place to ambush them if you got down early. You can park across from the Conservation league and hike down and in.
Using the map in the link posted above take M 89 toward Fennille and cross the Kazoo river and swan creek. Turn right on the road just above the creek ( the map posted does not dhow a road to the right) follow that road down to the landing clled pipe line landing (on the map). You will find a gate just past the landing so it iss walking from this point on. There is a trail that follows the river back to a control dam a mile or so in. Check this area out. BE AWARE that the water areas in here the water level changes with the river level when the Allegan dam is opened. This is the Ottawa marsh as we use to call it. Take a good compass as you will need it. This use to be a very rugged area and had big deer in it if you get in the right spot. I use to hunt this area a lot in the fall as I grew up on the north edge of theAllegan State Game Area
You will do best hunting locations that havent been posted on an internet forum for thousands of people to see. :SHOCKED:
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