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New Pole Barn

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Well, It looks like this is going to be the year! I have a 28x48x14, with a 10x48 lean too, specked out and will be breaking ground soon. One half of the lean too will be open, so 10x24 enclosed. In a few years, I will be adding another lean too on the the other side, fully enclosed, 10x48. I will just stone the inside of the 10x48. It's going to be great having my boats. camper, and other stuff out of the elements. I will enjoy being able to have space to work on stuff out of the elements, as well.
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I had one build in Au Gres a couple years ago. A couple things I did that I really like are light pannels in the top 2' of the walls, although I really only needed it on the south side. Don't even need lights during the day time. If you don't plan to work in there, skip the concrete and go with crushed stone, which is what I did. Mine is just a big storage shed, so concrete was not needed and saved us thousands. If you store a boat in there, like I do, concrete would puddle up water that drips off boats, which is a pain anyway. I absolutely love the 12X12, electric, overhead door since I use my barn like a garage for my truck. When I did the electric, I put in a couple motion activated lights and they are awesome. The main lighting was those LED ones that plug together from Home Depot, which only took me a couple hours to install 10 of them and really light up the place. I built shelving along three of the walls and that really allows me to store tons of stuff and quickly find it when needed. I had two steel entry doors installed, but only needed one, so wasted money there. Make sure the grade for the barn is high enough so no water enters during wet weather. I'm glad I spent the extra money on that as I seen barns before with water pooled up in them after big rains.
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I never thought of crushed stone, any specific stone type?
The limestone is mostly used on driveways works. I also used it on my driveway to my barn too. It can have a little dirt in it to help it bind. It's best is the steam roll it down.
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Install your service door in a gable wall vs an eve wall if you live in a snow zone.
Good point. I wish I'd have done that and I live in a low snow zone. Falling snow and dripping ice/water will trash the entry otherwise.
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