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new otter magnum pro ice lodge (used one time)

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like new Otter pro ice lodge pkg with swivel seating (2), cover, hyfax kit. bought from franks yesterday (1/30/11) works great, it is just too big for us. it doesnt fit in the back of our crew cab super short box. so, i would like to downsize to the cabin series.

this is the over sized 2-3 man. it is HUGE! store everything in the tub for safe storage and transport.

ran out 9 miles and back, no problems, no damage, smells like new. brought home opened in garage to dry out. ready to fish. all you will need is the hitch, i would like to keep that for the next kit.

my loss is your gain. paid 1003.00 with tax and assembly. 825.00 obo can meet, or help with delivery within reason.

ski - See More Here: http://www.michigan-sportsman.com/classifieds/showproduct.php?product=19661
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Glad to hear everything worked out!! I have to ask though,,, why didn't you just take it back to Frank's and exchange it for the smaller model?
SOLD!!!! thank you, bigwoods bob and M-S.com

Gotcha, I understand,,, I'm the same way. Those guys at Franks are real cool though,, I would not have been surprised if they woulda worked something out with ya. Oh well, glad it worked out anyway.
because i used it the first day i bought it. it wasnt new anylonger, and i wanted to take responsibility for my purchase, rather than try to return a used item. i should have researched the purchase further to make sure it would fit in my truck. LOL!

i am looking for a new smaller otter cabin at this time. loved the quality, and features, just need it smaller to fit my truck. ski
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