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New Muzzle Loaders

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Has anyone had any experience with the new SMOKLESS Powder Muzzle Loader Rifles ? Any input would be great :))

thanks in advance

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Bad news man,the smokeless concept in a Muzzleloader is a bust.Savage tried and didn't include very good data,and in some cases none at all.If you get one,be very careful as the burn characteristics of smokeless is vastly different then that of black powder and the equivalents.
Pressure spikes and all sorts of evil things can easily happen with smokeless in a front stuffer,due to moments inattention that wouldn't otherwise be a problem with Blackpowder because of volume density of the powder.Think about this.A thimble full of 2400 is about max in a .50 cal,will it even show up on the ram rod mark?The equivalent charge of Black powder will barely get the projectile out of the barrel.Also seating pressure is more critical,and if a guy were to short seat there may be a "crouquet effect" upon firing due to the air space,or a flash over,where all the powder is ignited at once instead of a rear forward train,resulting in a big pressure spike.
I have seen all sorts of twisted and unintentionally terminal disassembly's due to minor reloading errors with centerfires where very precise equipment is used,I shudder to think of what is possible using a volume measure in the field under stress of a hunt.Keep your eye on what happens with this concept a while,and see what happens.If it catches on and the bugs are done away with,jump on when you are ready is all I can advise.I really think Savage grabbed a dragon by the tail with this,and it soon will go away due to liability issues.
THANKS A BUNCH pat i was thinking of getting one of those Savages . will probably look into this a lot closer before i buy now and thanks again
well if ya can't dazzel em with brillance baffle em with bull--it, pat you may be baffeling us but that seems to be a very good answer at least to a guy with little front loading experience and your answer seem much to inteligent and passionate to be bull thanks

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No baffle intended! :)
Have you noticed that few of the gun magazines have done an article on the thing?
There is concern about the legal aspects and the impact a smokeless muzzleloader would have on Traditional hunting seasons as well.
All in all I wouldn't touch the thing with a 10ft pole as a retailer,and I think Savage jumped the gun so to speak before the lawyers rattled them good.
In the end the thing isn't legal to hunt with anyway,at least according to this years rules."Must be loaded with .44 caliber or larger projectile propelled by black powder or a commercially manufactured substitute"
Pg-9 top of the page.
Again,no baffling or BS.
A guy at work has a brand new Thompson Center in-line for sale. He won it in a raffle and has no desire to use it. It is a model called "System 1". I looked on T/C's website and it is not listed in their product line. Is this a discontinued model? Are there any known problems?
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