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New lines

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Ok Gang..this has probably come up before at some point, but I am gonna try it anyway.

I have always used Stren monofiliment line on my rods. This year I have decided to change to the newer type of lines to reduce strech and breaking, and to fish stronger line without the added diameter.

Problem is, I have no idea of what would work best for me. I use both Open-face spinning reels, and baitcasters. I target walley in spring, and mostly Bass the rest of the summer with the occasional pan-fish outing. Also want to do more perch fishing especially this spring.

Let me hear your thoughts and ideas..
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Power Pro. I have used them all except for the ones that just came out this year, ended up with Power Pro on all my rods with a braid, casting or spinning.
I'm into co-polomyrs. P-Line CX for spinning, Fluoroclear for baitcasters.
Hey Lee, I've been using Iron Silk for a couple of years now. I'm pretty impressed with it. I picked a few new line counter reels from Cabela's over the winter and I think I'll hit the garage right now and spool them up........lol
I'm putting on some Spiderwire Fusion right now:)
I'm sold on Fireline.....

Although I just saw that there's a new one out now, Fireline XDS. I might give that a try this year. They say it comes in 35 lb. with 12 lb. diameter. Also in 50/15, 65/17, 80/20, and 100/30.

Saw it mentioned in the new issue of "Exox Angler" that I just picked up.
I bought some Yozuri a few years ago,, it wasn't bad. I'm kinda partial to Trilene,,, I like the "clear" Sensithin Line. All I ever use is 4lb. test. I think I might bump up to 6 this year, for the soft water. The "colors" of the new lines, really bother me,,all the neon greens, red, blues and yellows.
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I use nothing but Fireline. If I want a clear leader, I put on Florucarbon as a leader. Use a uni to uni knot. It won't come apart.
For my long-line (trolling) needs (Walleyes) I stay with fireline, great stuff for this, no stretch, no UV degradation, etc. I normally go with the gray but I think I may give the high-vis green a shot. Usually run a Berkly Vanish leader off of it too. For jigging, where I'm usually no more than 20', I usually stay with Stren (have been a Stren guy for 25 years), but may put a flouro leader on if I'm in very clear water. MHO. :D
P.S. I tried the Fireline this past winter icefishing, it sucked. Sucked up water then tended to freeze up stiff.
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Just realized, all My rods and reel (spinning - baitcasting) have Fireline on them, with the linecounters carrying Iron Silk. My Musky Rigs all have Whiplash, so I'd have to say I'm rather partial to "super lines" :p . Bob WC#253.
thanks for all the info gang....

Mike? do you by chance know where I can find tying instructions for that Uni knot?

I think I am gonna go with the Fireline Fusion, Talked to a couple other guys that use it and simply love it..

I don't do anything with long line reel counters ect... simply casting and occasional vertical jigging.
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In Tubejigs link, use the albright knot. Practice on something larger like twine or rope. Taught my buddy to do it but he's all thumbs. Takes a little bit to master. But it really holds.
Esox, I just bought some Power Pro to try on one of my spinning rods for jigging the river, 10 lb test with a 2lb diameter should help keep my line vertical. Now I just cant wait to try it…
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