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New Gear

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It’s gonna be tough waiting for next spring. Just added this dude to the posse. I can’t wait to see a Tom give him the business!!!. I also added a Hooks Hootin’ Stick and a C&S Custom Calls Slate over glass to the arsenal as well.

While we’re talking gear. Anyone that films their hunts care to share their camera gear set up? My daughter enjoyed going out with me and in a year or two she’s going to be toting the gun so I’d like to get things ironed out ahead of time to capture those special moments. I’m thinking about investing in a Sony A7iii, with a tripod, leveling head, slider camera head and a Rex Arm from 4th arrow.

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My DSD Jake like the one in the back has been abused this year......I have been eye balling your new deke as well, very nice!
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