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New Draft Walleye Management Plan for Inland Lakes

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Pretty cool read/info for those that may not have seen this yet.

Management Plan for Walleye in Michigan’s Inland Waters - Draft
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It would be interesting to hear from those in charge about the inland lakes where this stocking has actually created a quality fishery. At least in the area that I live and spend most of my time fishing, their efforts have been a failure. As an example, there is Chippewa Lake.

The DNR truck pulls into the landing, and dumps thousands of spring fingerlings into the lake. The first thing that happens is that the northern pike and largemouth bass go on a feeding frenzy. The survivors that are lucky enough to find cover in the weedbeds are then exposed when the lake association's weed kill fires up. The pike and bass go back on the feed.

So how many of those thousands survive long enough to grow too big to be considered prey? Would it help to stock even more of these fish, or would it help to hold off stocking until the fish are bigger? Its just my opinion, but whatever expense the DNR incurs for this stocking is money wasted. No one that I know thinks of this lake is a destination for walleye fishing.

If we're going to see scarce funds go into this effort, then they should limit their efforts to lakes and rivers where these fish have a chance to become self sustaining at some point in the future.
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