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New Buffalo 3-13-04

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We finally were able to hit the big lake today. A buddy and I fished out of New Buffalo for the first time and went 2 for 2. We got one 6.5# steel and a 2# coho both on the planer boards. The steel hit a stinger spoon silver with blue dots and the coho hit a orange hot and tot. We marked lots of fish but only two takers. The water was 36 to 37.5 degrees, I hope that it's in the 40's soon.
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Glad to hear boats are starting get out .Is there any shore ice left there? I'm thinking of heading down there next weekend but I'm real nervous to head out with shore ice in 2001 I got trapped out in lake when wind shifted and blew out the shore ice and completly closed the harbour in.
Gone fishinlarry,

There was no sign of any ice at all. The wind could change that but Saturday was ice free. Good luck if you make it out.

way to go Tom...

Can't wait to go out there and do some of that myself.

Thanks for the reply.good fishing to ya.

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