Does your bow scare everything in the woods away for miles when it is fired? Can't seem to get rid of the last little bit of limb torque? Well there are some new products on the market that can help you with surprising ease.limb saver on bow

The first of these is the revolutionary Limb Saver from Sims. Why someone didn't think of these years ago I'll never know. Look at how simple the device looks below.

You simply stick these towards the end of your limbs with the included double sided sticky tape. There is also a version for split limb bows. For the price (anywhere from $10-$15), you will think it's the best money you ever spent on your bow.

The second product I have tried recently also incorporates Sims Limb Save technology. This product is a bit more pricey at $40. It is a stabilizer called the Tranquilizer. At just 6 ounces, this is not your old fashioned chunk of lead. You can hardly feel the extra weight.

stabilizer on bow

In addition, it only sticks out a mere 71/2 inches from your bow, so it doesn't tend to get in the way out in the woods.

Put these two devices on the same bow and you will wonder, "did I really fire the bow"? It's incredible the difference they make.