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Nervous Newb

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Relatively new to ice fishing. Been doing 1 weekend trip a year for a couple years so I'm certainly no ice expert. Wondering from those of you who are more experienced if there's any concern with the incoming sloppy warm weather on Wednesday / Thursday this week and it's impact on the ice that's been sitting through this deep freeze. I'm heading to Sanford / Wixom lake in Midland this weekend.
Thanks in advance
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Were only looking at one night of above freezing. I’d say after the warmup ice will be great across the state
The concern you need to bear in mind for Sanford and Wixom is that they are really rivers with current that runs through them.
Melts bring runoff that erodes the ice from the bottom, which can make it hard to tell the true effects unless you've got a hole in the ice drilled you can measure from.
I think there's enough ice that the loss of an inch or two should be no big deal.
But I'm curious myself. This will be a highly irregular melt after a highly irregular winter (so far).
You're smart to ask.
It's so short it shouldn't be a problem. The shoreline or inlets might soften up a little but it will be fine. Just remember your creepers because it will be smooth after the snow melts off
Temps are supposed to drop like a rock on Friday, won't be a problem, except maybe places with a lot of current.
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