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Nebraska Late Season

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I really wish I had a good late season report from Michigan, but I haven't had any time to hunt. I haven't been in the wood in Michigan since the last day or two of firearm season, and from what I've heard from friends it's been fairly slow.

I did have the chance to try a last season Muzzle Loading trip to Nebraska, my brother oddly enough hadn't taking a Michigan whitetail yet, he hunts Northern Newaygo, and the year there has been Very slow to say the least.

I told him we'd make a quick hunt, a 4 day weekend just to see what its like, I must admit when we arrived most the spots where I did see deer during my November hunt were Bare with deer sign, I was somewhat surprised, and the search began for deer sign. It didn't take long and we found a couple decent feeding areas, I told my brother that he should take the first deer he could get a crack at, at least to fill his freezer, and then we could look for the trophy.

Thursday we saw no deer, it was a tough day in the woods, high winds just after a good storm passed shut all deer movement down. Friday morning a day my brother would just a soon not talk about, he missed a Huge 160ish class buck chasing three does at around 80 yards, to make a long story short he didn't have much time to shoot. Friday night he needed to rebuild his confidence a bit so he dumped a decent younger buck, up until this I had only seen 4 deer in 4 sits so I was happy we filled at least one tag. Saturday morning was again one of those mornings Gary would just as soon forget, just as daybreak broke he had a nice 10pt run right to him, 20 yards a chip shot to say the least, that is if you don't have a Hang fire, that’s right just the cap went off and the buck just walked away unharmed. After we got that little problem fixed I told him we'd do a small two man drive, half was though the push I jumped a another different 10 point that took off running right at Gary, I got on the radio and told him to cock the hammer, a nice one was on the way. I just waited for the shot, and there it was, boom, he called back and said he dropped him in his tracks, a 30 yard broadside shot, just jogging along. After further inspection, we found out that the Texas heart shoot had put him down, A 50cal. slug right in the arse dropped him right were he laid dead.

This was my brothers first trip out west, I've had to nearly beg him to go, he said he just didn't know, it was such a long drive, what are the chances well see deer. Most those questions where answered, and that long drive back home wasn't so long with the memories we took back..

The first buck he shot we doctored up just a bit with a couple sheds my friend had found, but underneath all those tines is his first buck a 7pt,

Third times a charm,

Now if I can just get rid of this Cold/Flu I like to get out for a couple hunts in Michigan.
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GH, I've been hunting Nebraska for about five years now. The 1st three years I just hunted the spring snow geese, then I just started talking to farmers and they invited me back to hunt deer in the fall. I now hunt on several different farms in Southern Nebraska.
"he gave up his 'SPOTS' and let me hunt them"

Well I do remember a few years back an older brother gave up his stand on opening night !! That 8pt sure loved those mock scrapes you worked on all summer... :)
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