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The following is copied from this site:http://www.aftca.org/pdf_files/bylaws.pdf

Section 6. To qualify for a National Amateur Grouse Championship or an International
Amateur Woodcock Championship a dog shall have won a place, under an amateur handler, in a
shooting dog stake, or a derby stake, or an all-age stake held by an active member of this
Corporation, in accordance with its Regulations.

Section 11. To qualify to enter the National Amateur Championship Stakes, the handler shall
have previously won a placement in an AFTCA trial and hold a certificate for that placement.

Additionally, a dog or handler can receive an Amateur Certificate with a Placement in an Open Trial if the cash purse in that Open Trial is turned down (or turned in). The Club sponsoring that trial will then contact the AFTCA with the appropriate info and a certificate for an Amateur Placement will be awarded. This happens often, or often enough.

There are different requirements for the different Championships, pheasant, quail, etc.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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