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My letter to Senator Harry Gast

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Senator Harry Gast,
As a Michigan hunter and voter, I am outraged at your statement to the Detroit Free Press. You obviously have no idea what a hunter is, and you embarrased our hunting heritage.
Since when are they considered "your doves"???
The squirrels in your backyard are a huntable species, yet I doubt that us "Great White Hunters" are harvesting in your backyard.
Your lack of scientific reasoning, and total disregard for the millions of revenue dollars that hunters bring to this state WILL cost you in the next election.
You should read what is being said about you by the million plus hunters Michigan has.
If you would have voted against this bill for scientific reasons, that would be a different matter. You decided your vote based on YOUR personal emotions...aren't you supposed to represent the people of the state? Why are you representing "your doves"??
I am disgusted at your performance.
Game laws and harvest quota's should be left to the MUCC and the DNR. When you let liberal anti-hunter EMOTION dictate over scientific reasoning, you deserve to be removed.
I used to go to St. Joseph all the time for the fishing, that ends right here. I will not spend another hunter or fishing dollar in your community. However, I will travel to your anti-hunting town come next election for the sole purpose of campaigning and rallying against you.
I have never contributed monetarily to a campaign before, but will contribute hundreds of dollars for your opponent. My group is a hundred strong. We will campaign door to door in your town against you.
Hunters are a powerful force in Michigan. You will see this soon enough.
How dare you insult over a million of your fellow statesmen.

A Michigan hunter,
and proud of it.

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Sweet letter HuntNut. Did you send this to him yet? Did you use your real name when you sent it?


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You should have been more clear in your letter as to how you felt. LOL.
I sure hope that someone makes sure that he reads that one personally!
Well written. Good job!

You just beat me to the listing of a letter:

Senator Gast,

I write to you regarding the following quote printed in the Free Press.

Sen. Harry Gast, R-St. Joseph, said during the concealed weapon debate Wednesday that he hunts and he owns nine guns. But Thursday, he spoke bluntly against dove hunting, despite his membership in the NRA and MUCC. "Every now and then you've got to compromise your principles and do what's right," Gast quipped. He added, "I know I'm offending a lot of people. I'm not going to let you great white hunters come into my backyard and shoot my doves."

I wish to know why you would make such thoughtless comments.

First of all, if you have a principle, then by definition you believe it to be right! How can you,"compromise you principles", and still do what's right? You are following what someone else believes to be right. What does this say regarding your,"principles"?

Secondly, when did the wildlife of Michigan become exclusively yours? You have no exclusive ownership of Michigan's wildlife.

Third, your statement either shows your disdain for hunters in general, or just shows your lack of knowledge hunting law. Which is it? Surely you know the laws about private property and safety zones if you truly are a hunter. Are you suggesting that in general other hunters are ignorant as to these laws, or just yourself?

I believe that "doing what's right" for you should be following the scientific research of dove populations and the effect hunting has on them.


Robert Kunzelman
[email protected]
Yes, I e-mailed it.
I e-mailed my real name, address, and phone#.
BTW...you guys are my group of a hundred.
Want to go to St. Joe's next election?
This guy IS NOT a hunter.
He ridiculed all of us.
I am so pi$$ed a senator said that about us in public.
I want to send a message.
Terd breath Gast,also voted against the CCW bill,and he's not one to be found on my Christmas list either.However I do believe he is term limited and wont be running in the next election.Possibly a terse letter to the Republican party would be in order.
For some reason I keep hearing the term "Sound,scientific management" in my head over and over and over....Pat
He is term limited?
For sure?
Someone help me out here....
The members of this website are 915 strong!

That is a powerful political force if we are united in our efforts. The CCW bill has NOT YET PASSED - it awaits Gov. Engler's signature. (See my posting under "Is it truly law??" in this forum.) We lost the dove season -- let's NOT LOSE THE CCW bill too.

Can't believe how everyone is missing the point about the "great white hunter". Just makes me wonder what his principals truely are when he has to throw race into the whole thing. What about all the other non-white hunters he has deprived a potential dove season for? This is just one incident, what other things has he done to deprive others? Makes me wonder....
Huntnut, Realdcoy- great letters! as i have said in the other topic post I dont hunt doves and dont plan to( lack of time). HOWEVER i do support those who do. As to the term "Great White Hunter" is this not what they call ted nugent?(not sure). I am alittle offended at that statement in how it was used. I AM A MICHIGAN HUNTER AND PROUD OF IT! thats it,short and sweet

When and where shall we show up at election time?!! What a bonehead!! I would love to do what I can to get this bonehead out of office!!

ONE shot, ONE kill..No excuses, no exceptions EVER!!
Huntnut, RealDcoy great letters, we hunters & sportsmen must use our financial clout, hard work campaigning or our words & actions to be as effective as we can. We must take the time to contact the politicians who support as well as those that don't. We can't afford to be passive in these times or else our opponents gain greater strength against us.
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