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My dirty littl secret..

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This gets me so mad I wana just spit..I have a new barrel on my Remington 700 and it will keep around1 inch with 5 shots..If I dont scrub it out it will throw flyers and shoots like crap..This drives me mad..my bud bought a Savage and it will shoot 3/4 all day.even with a dirty barrel..I think its time to lap the barrel.
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Gotta say that the Savage is probably the most accurate rifle out of the box!!! Especially for the price.
Not to create something, but rumor has it that Remington's quality is decreasing. According to some gun writers, Winchester is starting to pick it up! After reading thse reports, I went out and got a Win 70 Black Shadow in .30-06. Compared to my Rem 700 in 7mmMag, its far more accurate. Pretty much in the same line as my Savage in .270
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