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My 2003 WI archery buck

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Being pretty new to this picture thing...I'm hoping I finally got it right this time.

I was lucky enough to harvest this brute with an hour and a half to go on the last day of a 4-day early Nov. hunt during the prime rut in WI, after 8 full days of hunting in Sept-Oct. During just that 4 days, my partner and I were able to pass up over 10 bucks each, and we saw over 20 different bucks between the 2 of us. This buck came by after almost 4 full all-day sits in 10-25 degree temps, and when I was able to harvest him you can guess their was a flood of emotions! I was literally shaking as I walked up to him-cold, tired, excited, thrilled, weak, and maybe even a little dehydrated....but well worth it! We had another wonderful year in WI observing everything a quality rut, on quality land, with quality whitetails can offer, and can't wait for next year.

I know you can't see all the details from this picture, but he has 10 scorable points, with quite a few other stickers and bumps at his bases. His bases measure 6.5" and 5.5", and his outside spread is over 24", inside is just under 22". He never a grew another matching 10" G2 on the right side, and his right 9" browtine has a 3 inch sticker coming off of it, double the length of his left 6" browtine. His gross is close to 150, but he would barely make P&Y with all the deductions. Lots of great character though, and a true buck of a lifetime in my book!
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Congrats Jeff!! Nice story and great buck!!

buck NJeff - congrats !!!!

We'll have bucks like this in MI again some day - no, really....

That is a beauty. I'm glad your persistance paid off for you.
That is a great hunt and sounds like you earned him!!

Is the G2 on the right side hiding behind you or was it broke off?

What is the spread of that guy also?

Looks like a P&Y in my book!!
I edited the original post with some details.
Congrats, Jeff, that's a shooter in anyones book.

Question: Were you hunting private property or public land and was an outfitter involved?
Congrats Jeff. All the hard work and persistence paid off.

In early 2002 we used a land leasing company to give us a list of 5 potential properties to lease based on our budget and land needs(80-100 acres woods per hunter). We then took a trip in February to scout the 5 locations, all shown to us by the landowner/farmer himself, all who happened to be non-hunters. We chose a property and based our decision on potential trespass problems, difficulty of access(hard to access, harder to tresspass), large buck sign, topography, number of obvious potential stand locations, funnels, etc. During the past 2 summers we took about 5 trips a summer to scout, hang stands, and prune/clear shooting lanes-most before June. Right now we have 11 stands hanging. The landowner is great, and we have had an awesome experience. We have exclusive hunting rights, for all seasons, all game, and what has been nice about the entire experience, is that we can do it all on our own! The lease company gets you the land (for a 10% fee of the lease price), and you do the rest. Come and go as you please, and have a good time. The lease company is www.huntnshack.com.
Being the hunting partner that NorhtJeff spoke of, I can tell you first hand that is a awesome buck and with no bull.

I've hunted MI all my life. I've read countless books, magazines and talked with anyone that was intersted in the subject and until I've had a chance to hunt that neck of the woods is wall just words. Getting the chance to hunt where there are mature whitetails put many of the dot's together for me. Not that I know everything nor will I ever, it was truely great having a chance to test my knowledge against these big boys.

I've spent hours and hours hunting whitetails in MI, I'm not trying to turn this into a QDM thread but it is incredible what good genetics, good habit, good nutrition and a balanced age/sex ratio can do. It is the things dreams are made of.
Ya gotta love it when a plan comes together.
great buck Jeff....

congrats man!
Nice buck NorthJeff. What time did you shoot him?
Very nice buck. Congratulations.

Thanks for sharing your story and picture.

It's hard to remember when shooting light was til, but I believe it was dark around 5:00 central time, and I shot the buck around 3:30, approximately 1 1/2 hours before dark. He had actually come out of an adjoining woods through one of our main funnels, from out in the corn, tending a doe. I saw his hiegth, width, and mass, about 60-70 yards out through the brush, knew he was mature, and made a quick decision to try and take him if possible. I never counted points, and really didn't know what his rack really looked like, until I walked up to him.....I was extremely happy with him!

While we hunted there we saw bucks at all times of the day, except for between 11:30 and 1:00, for whatever reason.
Way to go and nice story, Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!1
Great Buck and good story too Jeff! I don't think I could sit all day in those temps myself.

That's a great pic too except that goofy bow on the side:D :D :D
Congratulations on a tremendous hunt! That brute is just a Bonus!
Nice Job!

How old was he? Did you have him aged by the DNR?

also how much did he or do you think he weighed?

Hes a nice one for sure.
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