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Mussleloader misfire question.

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People who wear glases can testify to this, but when you come in from a hunt on a cold day, us folks wearing glasses have a problem with our glases fogging up. It happens with many materials when they come in from cold weather into a warm home, they get condensation from the temp change.

My question is this, has anyone here had problems with a misfire from their fire stick after bringing a mussleloader in from the cold and back hunting over after a few times? I've always tried to leave my gun out in the cold during mussloading, fearful of condensation that could cause a misfire. Am I being paranoid?
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what i do is unscrew my nipple and put about 10 grains of powder into the primer hole. that way if i do get any moisture in the barrel the extra grains down the primer charge hole will take care of it and then you can get your game. try it, its only for standard muzzies not in line.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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