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Mussleloader misfire question.

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People who wear glases can testify to this, but when you come in from a hunt on a cold day, us folks wearing glasses have a problem with our glases fogging up. It happens with many materials when they come in from cold weather into a warm home, they get condensation from the temp change.

My question is this, has anyone here had problems with a misfire from their fire stick after bringing a mussleloader in from the cold and back hunting over after a few times? I've always tried to leave my gun out in the cold during mussloading, fearful of condensation that could cause a misfire. Am I being paranoid?
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one more thing you have too look out for is the charges will fall out of the old style caps, i also put a few grains of powder under the cap and i will never use a cap after a hunt where i dont fire the gun there cheap and way to cheap to lose a big buck, i took a nice little buck this past sunday with the ole smoke pole
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