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Muskie question for line

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What do you guys use for lb test when trolling.... was thinking 25lbs mono with a 80lb mono leader... will that be good for trolling ??
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Nope. 25# will last about 5 minutes or the first fish, whichever comes first. I would recommend 50# main, 60# leaders. Constantly inspect lines for chafing and nicks.

I use 40 main, 40 leader for board rods and 50/50 for boat rods, but I change leaders about every other trip.
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You have to think that 80lb braid was not always around and guys still brought in muskies. Ive brought in 20+ lb fish on 25 lb mono with 3.5 steel leaders. As long as you handle your rod right, have a good strong reel and know how to adjust your drag you can use any line you want. But like said above if you want the best odds and the best chance to not lose a fish (or even worse a 40$ lure) you should go 60+lb line with an even bigger 4 foot leader for when the buggers start rolling or miss the first chance and nick your line.
Lots of folks bring them in with 10# braid and a 6# fluorocarbon leader jigging for walleyes. That said, when the water warms up, reduce the "fight time" so you don't overstress the fish (if you're going to release it) by using 60 to 80 lb braid behind a 4' trolling leader.
Never had a problem with 30lb mono. No breakoffs yet. No bite offs either.
FWIW, I use mono, 30 lb main line on boards and 40 lb on boat rods with 60 lb mono leaders on both. Check leaders after every fish.
I use light line compared to everyone it looks like...even when trolling off boards I use 18-20 lb floro/mono hybrid. P line floroclear. I do use 150 nylon leaders 18" inches when casting. 2-3 feet when trolling. Never had a fish caused break off. I think a lot of people are guitly of line overkill...I blame the bass fishing industry. Lol.
25 Lb to 40 Lb Berkley Big Game mono.
6lb test on a ultra light with a wacky worm. It all depends on how u play them. But i run 60 lb braided with 80lb floro leader on my musky rods.

that fist guy is tripping hard if I can catch a Marlin, Tuna, or Shark with 30 lb test monofilament line then you can catch a muskie with 25 lb test monofilament line I just wouldn't go any less than 25 lb test monofilament line personally.
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Biggest selling one in my store is 40 lb big game by a mile. And it’s cheap too.
You can certainly land muskies on lighter line, especially with heavier leaders. The issue is being able to consistently release them if you have to play them too carefully to where they wear themselves out during the fight. Therefore, I agree with others that have suggested at least 30-40 lb test as the main line, for the release perspective, if you are targeting them. I catch them by accident, so I use my normal walleye gear with 30 lb test leaders.

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