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Muskie news.

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Just a few tidbits from the recent activity in the wonderful world of muskies.
Drifter Tackle, makers of the Believer and stalker have merged with Muskie Mania, makers of the Jake, Ernie, Bert and other lures. This makes them the worlds largest muskie tackle manufacturer.
Drifter has introduced a Super Believer, with a curly tail ala the Squirrely Bert.


St Croix has introduced a line of matched rod and reel combos for you casting guys, and is offering a $20.00 rebate.


They had an Avid muskie combo on the back of Muskie Hunter Magazine that looked pretty sweet, but I have found no specs on the reel on their website. Looks like a Daiwa Millionaire X series to me. I am sure their Avid spinning reels are Daiwa Capricorns.

I know I missed some other news. Please add whatever I missed.
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Good news for both companies! I met Ben Clendening on Lake Webster last year, very nice guy. I finally got a jake to produce lat last year, and really started liking the thing. Itll see more time on the water this year for sure.

That St Croix reel is indeed made by Daiwa.

Speaking of Daiwa CVX 's...:D

I've been kicking the idea around Jaid, but I use the Millionare TDZ's. Still thinking about it though.:)
Woops, I meant CVX, not TDX.

It wouldnt be for sale if I liked it. ;)

I think the 253 size is a little too wide for a disengaging levelwind. Maybe its just me. It might be better with a small diameter mono or something, but it didnt do well with 50lb power pro, nor did it do well with 30lb power pro. If it was a non-disengaging level wind, id love it. That is my biggest complaint with it really. Well, that and the fact that it cant stand up to my temper tantrums. I still havent heard back from daiwa about getting a replacement handle.

My latest experiences with Daiwa have just left a really bad taste in my mouth all around.

I wish they made the 300 size in a left hand retrieve model. Im pretty sure that size has the non disengaging levelwind.
I meant CVZ. LOL Love trying to keep up with Daiwas nomenclature. I do like my Daiwas though. I need a ahndle as well, havent bothered looking yet, I hope I don't run into the same problems you did.:eek:
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