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Muskegon river 1/04

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Sixshooter and I made the trek up to the Mo yesterday and waded at Pine St. for a few hours. Mostly we were fishing instead of catching, although we didn't get skunked. The water level was high enough to make me regret not bringing my boat, and poor Jim discovered he'd sprung a leak in his waders. :eek:

Next time!
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Talk about shrinkage...geesh...it certainly was in the wrong spot for a leak...well...Good news...

I went down and got a new pair of stocking foot waders today and a pair of wading felt bottom boots...So I'm ready...hehe...

I was going to get a pair of 5mm but the only 5mm they had were in boot foot waders...I wanted stocking foots this time...

I'm ready...I tied up about five or so dozen spawn bags today as well...haha...yippy...

Thanks for taking me fising...I had a great time even though you Whooped up on my in the fish department...
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Well if you didn't get skunked, than what did you catch? Just curious, I fished Thornapple for a few hours last Friday and was definitely skunked!! I figured I should've stayed in GR, but it is a lot quieter up there.(and prettier) At least you guys had fun, except for the leak of course!:eek:
Take care...Sid
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We got a few small rainbows and a 3-4 lb brown that broke my leader as I reached to lift the fish from the water. That water was too high and too fast, in ny humble opinion.

Jim, glad to hear you got new waders. No more significant shrinkage for you. :eek: I got whupped in the fishing dept. myself. Let's get some revenge soon.

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I was looking at the five day forcast last night...The winds are supposed to subside pretty much to nonexistant starting wed and running through at least saturday...down in the single digit wind speeds...If Pigeon isn't frozen over by then perhaps a day on the bubble might come to pass this weekend????

And i'm not on call until sometime in february haha...so I'm ready to ROCK....

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Hmmm, the bubbler. I think Pigeon Lake will be hard before Saturday, sorry to say. Sounds like fun though.
I would have to say I think you are correct.

But I can still dream a little can't I? HAHA...

There is always Muskegon though...That might not make it frozen...Especially on the west end of the lake.
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