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After doing some testing on the boat after the replacement thermostat, I just had to fish. Brother Aaron and I headed out to 155 and sat down on a SW troll. After setting rods we were in 190 or so and pulled a nice 6# king on Mashed bannana (11) Nailer on the half core. After turning on a SE troll to look for warmer water, we got south and found a few more fish. We Pulled the 10 color and set a 20 color in its place after marking deep bait and fish in 155-135 fow. No sooner did the rod hit the holder than a fish was on. Bluberry glow (19) Nailer was the ticket on that fish. A nice 12.3 # king. While fighting the king, the half core went off again and yeilded an 11# steelie to go with the previous one. Time was running short after some more trolling and about ready to pull rods, when the deep diver was ticking bottom in 130 fow. Then another 12# king snatched the Black and Rasberry glow Nailer and put up a great fight. We netted him and continued to pull the remainder of the lines. We had another small king on the 20 color that was dead, so he had to have been on there a while. Blueberry glow on him as well.. So finished with 5 in the box, 4 nice fish and a twinkie. Water temp was in the low 47's in the 9's and mid 44's in the 11's.
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