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The ballots were counted today at the Clare Fur Sale and the following are the results from the MTPCA Regional Officer Elections:

Region 1 (UP)
Regional Vice President: Mark Spencer Jr.
Regional Director: Mike Anderson
Regional Director: Mike Marcusen

Region 2 (DNR Hunting and Trapping Zone 2)
Regional Vice President: Ed Lundborg
Regional Director: Chris Elie
Regional Director: Scott Harbaugh
Regional Director: Ed Kramer

Region 3 (DNR Hunting and Trapping Zone 3)
Regional Vice President: Everett Emery
Regional Director: Mark Earl
Regional Director: Trent Masterson
Regional Director: Gary Schinske

Congratulations and Thanks to all! A great group that I'm sure will continue to support and defend trapping and predator calling!


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I am sitting here looking at that list of names and feeling honored to have mine on that list. It will be a pleasure to serve with such dedicated defenders of trapping and predator calling.

I would like to thank those of you that cast your ballet with a mark next to my name.

Please feel free to contact me with questions.
[email protected]

Mark Earl
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