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We've had a MSU grad student at several of our Co-op meetings. She is seeking input from Co-op members for her research thesis. For those who are interested, she is seeking input/info.

Here is her email message:

My name is Anna Hamilton, I grew up in the Lansing area, and attended
Spring Arbor University for my undergraduate degree. My background
is in the social aspects of wildlife management, which fits in
perfectly with this project. I have met a number of you at various
gatherings. I am currently working on my Masters at Michigan State University. My thesis entails looking at deer cooperatives here in southern Michigan. We hope to better understand how cooperatives work and why they are so successful. Our study contains two parts: an interview done with cooperative members, as well as a survey to all willing members. We hope to have these out to you by mid February.

Again, the purpose of the project is to evaluate the impact deer
management cooperatives are having on deer populations and hunter
satisfaction on private lands in southern Michigan. We plan to start
our data collection in early February ? surveys to the cooperative members, and an interview with the cooperative leader(s).

In the mean time, I need a few things from you. We are still in the
process of recruiting more cooperatives, and receiving confirmation
of interested cooperatives. If you and your members are on board,
and want to participate, please let me know! Also, I need to know
the best ways to contact your members to implement the surveys
(email, at a meeting, online, postal address?). In February we will
be collecting harvest data, but also social data to analyze the
relationships within your cooperative. We will send you, as
cooperative leaders, the drafts of these surveys shortly to seek your

Please email me with any questions, or comments. Also, if you have
not already done so, let me know if you are interested in
participating in this project.

I look forward to working with you all! If you are interested in
setting up some time for me to come out and visit your cooperative,
please let me know. Also, feel free to pass this email on to anyone you think may be interested!

Attached please find a flyer talking more about the project. Feel free to pass it on!

Anna Hamilton
[email protected]

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Thanks for the info, I was talking with Kristin Bissel the other day and she mentioned this to me and have been meaning to get in contact with her.

This was a good reminder. Thanks again, Pez
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