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MS outing saginaw bay 6-16-07

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I had one of my apprentice pick up the crew at hoyle's and take them to a undisclosed spot that's where I came aboard and joined these young apprentice's i talk with my crew giving them my guidance.we started trolling at one of my undisclosed spots a we started catching walleye And RiverLady hook in to a good fish took the planner right back It was a 7 L.B we put it on the scale BucknDuck got his share of the walleye action to we used rapala husky down deeps in 22-25fow we got at less 50 fish we had 6 on at once and landed all six it was a good day of fishing they were both great sports fishing people.My apprentice went back and meet sume of the MS people he said they we great people.We did keep 15 walleye 7Lb and a few 4lb and few 3lb.and some smaller one's. Walleyeman2006 I here you and you wife put out alot of good food and deserts.Ho ya RiverLady had a dark agenda she told me she wanted the big one I told her she was on the right boat well she end up with 7lbs of it one good size walleye I think she got the biggest walleye.Bucknduck put the photo's on this thread.
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What! :eek: that wasn't you????

I supose that you are going to re-nig on the promise your "apprentice" made me to loan me 50 bucks.
We were there at 6:55am and looking for everyone, didn't see anyone and I guess we were too itchin' to be fishin' cause we just jumped in the boat and took off!

I had a GREAT :D :D :D TIME, thanks Captain Tom! We found a spot that gave us 3 keepers and a bunch of throwbacks (they were all 14 1/2 - 14 3/4 ARGGH) including a sheephead. We would've had more if the waves didn't get to me so bad - I was reeling from the reeling!:dizzy: :lol: Anyway it was time for lunch so we headed back and met up Buddwiser and walleyeman - so they knew we were there! Sorry we couldn't stay longer - I had to be at work at 5pm, just got home now.

River lady - really sorry to have missed you!!! Hope to see you next time!!
Sorry I had to miss the event. Work changed my plans for me on Friday afternoon. I would've much rather been fishing today. Only had to do about 2 hours worth of actual work today, but still had to be there for the full 8 hours. I'm working close to Lake St. Clair and it really sucked watching all those nice fishing boats go by to get to the launch. Worse then that is knowing the fishing must be good since I saw most of them make the return trip within 3 hours. :sad:

Had a great time... caught tons of eyes.

Special thanks to Lucky Dog (Dennis) for a great time and a full belly!
Had a great time and met some great people which is par for MS people.
It was a nice day, unfortunately, some of us didn't do so hot on the fish.
Rats! Bernadette, sorry again for the screw up this morning. You have a nice family. Now if you can only get your husband to fish and then who knows, maybe your own boat! Did Riverlady take the biggest fish? Nice meeting you SPARTY. Hear you woke up some other people too.
One thing I forgot is the 3 MS people I've taken out in my boat were some of the niceest people a person could ask to have in his boat.
:D :evil: :cool: Lucky Dog your jocularity is second to none at time's.
Lucky Dog said:
What! :eek: that wasn't you????

I supose that you are going to re-nig on the promise your "apprentice" made me to loan me 50 bucks.
"Undisclosed"? I wouldn't be so sure about that. Enigma with gas being so pricey you sure do a lot of running. Really tested the limits of the 20 mile radius of my radar this weekend. I'm gonna have to invest in a better pair of binoculars if you keep hitting these far away locales.
Nice to meet most of you before we went out in the am (wish I'd have been earlier to BS a little more). Good thing you all were waiting around for a bit ... I knew I should not have trusted my daughter with the alarm clock!:rolleyes: We didn't do so hot on the fish either ... but did catch a few. We actually ended up cutting the morning short, my daughter had an upset stomache. However, we somehow missed the pot-luck.:sad:

We went back out Sat afternoon, got lines set anad after about a half hour decided to pull lines and head back south (storm clouds to the north). It looked like the clouds were following us, so we headed back to port. Planned to get out again this am, but Claire got sick again VERY early this am.:( So I decided to let her sleep in, and we broke camp and headed home earlier than planned.

Did not get the hours of fishing in I had planned ... but that's ok, it was still a great weekend spent with my dad and daughter.

Were we talking biggest fish? Or biggest walleye?? Claire (my daughter) did end up landing a 32" Northern on a Producers version of a "Hot&Tot".
Iceman you should have joined the group I would of take you on my boat my young apprentice and with my guidance on trolling you may have received the rank of 11 Gup from me on my boat my young apprentice, we only fished about 3 1/2-4 hours, but I know your busy with your body waxing ang your village people reunion tour.By the way Iceman get a pair of swarovski binoculars thats what I have because when your on the water you need the eyes of a hawk to see what's going on.
Well Buddwiser, Sparty was positive he got the big one. He presented his biggest fish and Enigma kept telling, "nope, try again". He then got to the last fish and Enigma looks at me and says,"well, get your fish, show them what a pig looks like".:evil: So I graciously flopped my fish up on his cooler, and I can't type what Sparty's response was. :rant: But his face looked something like this....:yikes: .:lol: :lol:
Yes, Buddwiser, I do believe I took big fish. :evilsmile

Oh yes, Sparty woke up some other people too.......the whole flippin campground.:lol: Well, what do you want when he drinks liquid microphone.

Enigma, thanks for a great time on the water. I had an absolute blast.
I gotta tell ya, when that board took off and you screamed out, "that''s a big f'ing fish" my heart filled with delight as I grabbed the rod next to me.
I loved it.:evil: Oh and the reel screw up on that other fish was due to all the distraction. You don't tell a woman she smells good while she's trying reel in that heavy board in a good chop with a 5lb walleye on the other end.
You had me all flustered. :lol:

Thansk so much for a great time fishing Enigma. You rock.
Buddwiser said:
Did Riverlady take the biggest fish? Nice meeting you SPARTY. Hear you woke up some other people too.
Now, just how long did your belly stay full?????:D
Seems like it was full for only the first half of the day.:yikes:
FieldWalker said:
Had a great time... caught tons of eyes.

Special thanks to Lucky Dog (Dennis) for a great time and a full belly!
Ahhh...you're only saying this because I smell good and let you butt bump on your boat and didn't say a word when you kept using the excuse the lines were tangeled while I was reeling in fish and you had to put your arms around me to get the rod in the right position.:lol: :lol: :lol: J/K.

Thanks Enigma.:)
Enigma said:
One thing I forgot is the 3 MS people I've taken out in my boat were some of the niceest people a person could ask to have in his boat.
Hello! I had a blast meeting all of you this weekend(sorry about the liquid microphone hehe). I had Craig M and his friend Rodney with me and we had a ball. Going out in the morning was rough and Rodney asked me to stop so he could regroup and the sonar lit up like a christmas tree so we never made it to our spot but that was ok. We landed about 40 fish with a couple close to 6 lbs. Nice fish River Lady, I thought for sure we had ya but hats off to you and Enigma. Well hopefully we can do it again and get even a better turnout. Well I have to get ready for Houghton Lake, I will talk to all of you this weekend.

Take Care,

Thanks Sparty. I had a blast myself you're a riot.
Good luck on Houghton lake.

Hey Sparty, be careful not to loose anything, I won't be their to save your butt this time? Remember, you owe me.:evil: Did you happen to make that purchase you and Jim argued about all weekend? LMAO...sorry...I just couldn't resist. :lol: :lol:

Good luck.:)
hey sparty...was nice meeting ya....my stepdaughter wants to hit ya lol
almost got me in a fight and stranded us lol....i just wonder if all your fishing trips go like that lol


,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,BUY A COMPASS AND A MAP lol:rant: :rant: ..ill even show you how to use it ....that waters to damn big to trust just elecrtronics

was nice meeting every one esle ...and thanks for the ride Dennis...if we try that again next year maybe a little earlier in the year ,,so no 10 mile runs are needed
Oh my god how embarrassing. :yikes:

Hey, my fish was bigger then that. What happened?
wow, you guys didn't make out too bad, sucks we weren't on the fish. never got to meetup with the crew, i had to rush friday night to get my dads boat in the water for the shakedown cruise, launched at about midnight, didnt sleep till after 2, got up at 6:30 and called walleyeman, i thought everyone was meeting at the pavillian, but he said he was at his campsite and would send his kids over to help crew the boat. so it was, warmed the motor up everything seemed great, ran out watching the temp and playing with the trimtabs, was suprised they actuallly worked lol.

setup out in 20 fow and trolled north, took a shaker release i had no ruler so back it went, trolled all the way up to pinconning before we landed the next one, this time i took a 12" ruler on my shimano box and made a 15" measure on the rod holder boat, measured the fish and it was good by about an inch, so in the cooler. we manged to loose the next 4 fish and that was it. about 2 oclock we made the 9 mile run back to hoyles and it was time to find some A/C, man it was hot out....

anyway, boat was making some noise after we tried to get up on plane the first time. after consulting a few people we determined its on the output shaft, maybe the ujoints, hopefully not from coupler, anyway, gotta pull the lower and check it all out, was gonna fish sunday evening but the winds picked up so i headed back to sebewaing.

glad walleyeman and the crew made it off the lake rather safely saturday night, i guess finding port in the dark can be confusing sometimes can't it... lol

so sparty what depth of water were you working out there?
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