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Howdy All,

Last week I had three brush hogging jobs to tackle. I also had a new GoPro to try out. So, hooked it up and away we went. I've done a lot of brush hogging with this combination of the John Deere 3032e and Frontier RC2060 rotary cutter. They are a perfect match. During the third job, you'll see a few other activities as well including leveling out a pile of dirt, rock, and debris along with knocking over a few smaller trees. One reaches a 4-5" trunk diameter which the tractor handles pretty easily. Hope it gives folks an idea of what type of tasks this machine is capable of handling. Additionally, I give you at least one data point for fuel consumption of the John Deere 3032e while brush hogging. Even an old, rusted up Cushman Truckster makes an appearance.

Thanks for watching and, if you haven't already, please SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel! Have a great day!

Click Here to watch on YouTube!

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