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This is strickly for info like when I was trying to find a reasonable camera to amuse my self with and some one put a link to E bay when I bought mine and if you have a Wal-mart they are supposed to be close to the e bay stuff in price if they have the new 3.1 in stock I would check there first
I do not have any afiliation with any of these guys or the company moultrie
and if asked I will even deny I belong to the Michigan-Sportsman

saw these on E bay, 179.00 W/O Battery at one guys, I bought my other 2 from him but the last Hyper link has them for 20.00 less, No I guess he's going to do the same deal at 159.00, I am very satisfied with the 1.3 MP I have, I don't think I will pay the extra $70 to get the 3.1 MP




heres another of the new 3.1 model 200 for less money


Heres a link to all the dealers on E bay,


I called the Guy in Ala because I don't like useing the e Bay stuff, he seems to be pretty good but I see he has 2 diffront adds, one for 179.00 and another for 159.00, so I would refuse to pay over 159.00 for one thru any one
I really like the 2 I have at 1.3 MP, I am not looking for portrait shots so they do well as far as I am concerned and most of the dealers will sell them for 88.00 to 89.00

Here is a 1.3 MP when it does its best with the flash

Here is another of the 1.3 when the color is reddish but like I said I am not looking for photo Quality, don't know why the reddish tint but maybe it was the head light that Ducan said the yote was wearing caused it

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