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Was it nice and windy! nice and cold. Finally got to our spot [#8] and toss a few decoys out. Just after shooting time a batch of 8 mallards started cupping and a pair dropped to my right. I quickly took them out and picked them up.
My brother didnt fire a shot for some reason. We were buzzed by a merganser but again he didnt shoot, as he said he wasnt shooting something he wouldnt eat.
The guys in No9 had a flock of geese pass right over them and opened with a barrage only dropping one. [Better than none]. For a minute there we thought our friend [Woodchucksniper] mayve been down from us!! We just laughed it off as the flock disappeared over the woods.
We did see a few other ducks, although we didnt shoot. Had to bug out by 9am or so, and as we did No9 whacked as duck as we picked up. Took a few pictures and neither of the nice plump mallards had bands.
As we headed back in the water splash was freezing to everything, including my hand to the side of the boat.
You can tell the diehard duck/goose hunters from the fair weather guys when you see this kind of weather! Hope some of the other guys report when they get in today.
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