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Morel's in central Mich.

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Were going to our property in Harrison in Clare county this weekend. Is it too late for morels in that part of the state?
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I would be guessing only the white morels are out now, and grass/weeds/ferns undergrowth is greening up and they will be hard to see.
we picked 33 blacks last weekend in harrison at the morel outing from here. But they were pretty dried up but still edibale so the whites and yellows should just be starting to pop in that nec of the woods GOOD LUCK we are heading up to pigeon river for the weekend to hunt
The whites are out up in the north woods.

My brother and father have picked over 750 in the past 24 hours. Not far from the Pigeon River area.

Good luck.
thanks koz that keeps my hopes up since its about 2 1/2 hour drive one way for me
They are not just finding them everywhere, but they keep bumping into some large crops in certain areas. In other words, it is not just a one here, one there proposition. When they are finding a few, there are a 100 or so in that area.

They went up there to turkey hunt, got there yesterday afternoon at 4:00 and at 8:30 they called me and said that they gave up turkey hunting and filled two crispers in the refrigerator with whites. They did find a few blacks as well.

They found a couple of hundred more this morning and I have not talked to them since about noon.

They are in Charlevoix County.

Good luck! I am living their adventure vicariously through them, while I chase a 2 and 4 year old around the house wishing I was up there!

Heres some my lil brother found all on his own in Midland County yesterday
all in all theres 25 yellows there with one black
Still finding them in Osceola County 3 #

Well i am back from the hilly country of boyne. We as a group found 4 pizza boxes full of morels of all 6 types of morels.
No pictures, but found four in back yard in Eastern Wayne County.
No wonder I cant find those darn things. Everyplace I look grass is so thick and tall you would need a lawnmower to get to the leaves.
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