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Hello fly fisherman,

I am driving out to Bozeman, MT this August (17th) and have one day set aside to fish. The plan is to hire a guide for a full day float trip. I am considering either an overnight in Fort Smith, MT with a full day float on the Bighorn river or an overnight in Livingston, MT with a full day float on the Yellowstone river. I floated the Yellowstone last August and had an awesome experience. Part of me wants to try something new and check out the Bighorn river and the Fort Smith area. However, I have heard from several people, including a Bozeman guide, that the Bighorn fishery isn't nearly what it used to be. Keeping the middle of August time frame in mind, I am wondering if anyone has insight on the Bighorn river or just suggestions overall? At the end of the day, life doesn't get much better than floating a Montana river so I won't sweat the decision too much. Counting down the days as we speak!

Thanks for reading and as always, tight lines!
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