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Monday AM...Fairhaven...Hundreds of perch!!

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All about (...........................................................) ya long!!

Took my daughter out for a few hours this morning, started E of the launch in the cove and worked my way out towards the pack. Moved W and then back in towards the resturant, probably about 7 or 8 spots and nothing!!!!!! I wasn't even seeing fish (well micros anyways, my rap was bigger) in the hole.

I talked to about 6 other guys and they weren't doing anything either...Don't know where the fish went, but they weren't there today. The water is starting to get murky, primarly the 4-6" before you hit bottom. You could watch it rolling across the bottom like clouds in the sky, coming in from the E.

The ice is still in good shape (except the ramp) and there wasn't alot of water on it this morning, but it was starting to get sloppy with the rain that is falling. No trucks out there today.

I'm done with LSC for the week...Maybe this rain and runoff will get them going, I hope. Hittiing Higgens next weekend for the smelt....Gotta load up on some pike bait for ice out!
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Salmonslammer, clean out your p.m.'s. I'll p.m. you later.
Rich, were u out monday mornin in fairhaven?? green suburban with 4 wheeler?? i went out and seen ALOT of fish in the hole but i couldnt get em to go, the guy i was with was catchin em on a black tear drop tipped with a yellow and white tube... gonna try to get out 1 more time, prolly sang or fairhaven again...
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No Shane that wasn't me.

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