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What a great day! Thank you to everyone who participated in our 20th annual Special Olympics Derby. We had great weather for this 40 boat tournament including 300 fishermen! We had 6 Olympians fishing the event and they all reeled in muskie! We estimate that over 220 fish were caught and we had no reports of non released or dead fish! The most important thing is that we raised $10,000 for the GP HW Community Special Olympics!!! Thank you all the sponsors, the DAC, the DYC, the GPYC, and our captains, the MOMC.
1st place - La Bella Vitta 54"
2nd place - Drift-Wood 53 3/4"
3rd palce - Off The Hook 52"
Please visit the Michigan Ontario Muskie Club facebook page for pics!

Thank you to all of our Sponsors


RCO Engineering​

Pretty Hunter .com​

Ameriprise Financial​

United Healthcare​


Friends of the Duck​

Dave Legwand​

Global Tooling Systems and AIP Areospace​

Formula One Toole​

Western Mechanical​

Complete Prototype Services​

Metro Environmental​


Lomako Masanary​

US Auto​

Whopper Stopper Charters​

Master Machinery​

Thermal Metics​

OHM Engineers​


Brad Mikolajczyk​

Dan Pienta​

Dan Bowen​

Lawrence Cianciasi and Craig Bell​

DYC Rod and Gun​

Eoterra Travel​

Henderson Fire Extinguisher Sales and Service​


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We had a ball! The fishing was good on the morning and slowed down on the afternoon. The boat I was on had two Olympians. One caught a 43+ and the other 44 inch muskie plus a 35 and some that got away. Dinner at GPYC was delicious. The program, awards and raffle was fun and well paced. A great day for sure. This is just like a charity golf outing only muskie fishing. Check with MOMC next year if you want to sponsor a boat.

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I watched the fleet take off from the GPYC while driving to work. great day for this event, well done guys....
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